July 2006 Entries

VMware images to test Mono

One of the things I hope after the long battle of the last months on the virtualization field is that the number of free virtual machines to test products will increase a lot. Lots of times it's difficult to prepare a totally new environment to test a product and sometimes you're discouraged... having a ready-to-use virtual machine it's surely a good thing (and permits you to save lots of time). Today I've discovered that the Mono Team has prepared a VMware virtual machine with a complete Mono environment. This is a great news and a big chance to test this...

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IE7 distributed via Automatic Updates

The last announce by the IE Team will originate a big discussions I think: Internet Explorer 7 will be distributed as an high-priority update via Automatic Updates.This is an important decision in terms of security (all the Windows installations that works with the old IE version will be updated in a simple manner) but this is a decision that will have some countersides. The first is that all the web applications that will be developed must be absolutely tested under the new environment, in order to avoid problems when IE7 will be the default choice for lots of users.The second...

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Creating Smart Application Layouts with Windows Forms 2.0

The Windows Forms Team has just released a new whitepaper called "Creating Smart Application Layouts with Windows Forms 2.0", that explains how to use the new Windows Forms control to create extensible and "nice to see" layouts. I think that giving us tricks on how to enhance UI designs could be extremely interesting: developers can't be an artist on UI design, but having a nice looking application is a must today!

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Mobile Client Software Factory

In these days I'm really busy with lots of projects (old and new) and I think this is the cause that I'm loosing some interesting cool releases like the just discovered Mobile Client Software Factory. As described by Microsoft, "The Mobile Client Software Factory provides integrated guidance to help architects and developers create line-of-business Windows Mobile applications that interact with back-end systems over networks such as WiFi and GPRS that might be intermittently available. Architects can use the Mobile Client Software Factory to create baseline architectures for their organizations. A baseline architecture is a starting point for implementing instances of similar applications...

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Sysinternals acquired by Microsoft

Today, during the break on a conference I was doing for customers, I've sen this news: Sysinternals, the company founded by Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell, was acquired by Microsoft.I'm very happy for Mark (one of the guru of Windows internals and a people that I appreciate a lot) and I hope that Microsoft will be able to gain lots of useful resources from this join.For example, why not integrate some of the Sysinternal's tools (I'm thinking to the unvaluable Process Explorer) ino some version of the future OS?However, congratulation Mark!

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Dell and Blogs

I'm a big supporter of corporate's blogging, because I think it's a big chance for a company to demonstrate how it's opened to listen to customer's requests and opinions and it's a big chance for a customer to have a direct contact with the teams too. The news that another big company like Dell has opened a new corporate blog is extremely interesting: I recommend to check the new One2One Blog by Dell, you'll found something really interesting Guys at Dell, you've done the right choice!

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We are the champion!!

What a wonderful night... after 24 years, we're the World Champion again! Today at office there's a new atmosphere: we're tired after the big parties last night, but we know that this is one of the events that we'll remember for the eternity. Congratulation guys, all the Italy never stop to say you thanks for these emotions. FORZA ITALIA!!

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My notebook is dead :(

Last week I've spent 3 days on a customer in order to trying to improve performances on certain applications they have. The day before I've spent 2 hours on preparing tools and a demo on my notebook, an old P4 Sony Vaio 17" with 1Gb of RAM that has always done a great work during these years. When I arrived to the customer's site, I've turned on my notebook and... no sign of life! I've tryed to replace and remove the battery, the disks, the RAM modules but nothing happens: the notebook was dead! Now my dear Vaio is on...

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Dynamics NAV 5: how the development will change

I've talked in the past about how Dynamics NAV 5 will be a consistent revolution on all the aspects. One of the main things that I want to take in consideration today is how the development effort will change with this new release of the product.  The main questions that I receive from customers are: C/AL will be available again? What about actual implementations of objects? Dynamics NAV 5 will embrace (and I'm really happy to say this) the .NET world: Dynamics NAV applications will be written again with C/AL code, but this C/AL code will be translated into .NET code and compiled into a managed...

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