Yahoo! new Web-Based Email system preview

The main effect of the Gmail success is that the biggest companies that offers web-based email systems (like Microsoft and Yahoo) are working to improve their tools.

Today, Yahoo! announced a limited beta test (invite only) of its new Web-based Email tool, a preview of what will be the next generation email system for the company and Charlene Li's Blog has a good preview of this new system.


What I want to put in evidence here is that there's a clear direction for the Google's competitor to fight the Gmail success: making the Web-based email systems to resemble more of a client-like experience, give to the users a system that is totally similar to what they can have on their desktop. 

This is undoubtely in my opinion one of the target that all the web-based email client must have, but keeping in mind that there's also another extremely important aspect to consider: the performances.

Gmail has a simple user interface but performances are really good, also with lots of Mb of emails. An email system with a rich user interface must have the same performances, quick to open and to work with emails, to retrieve them and to delete them. When perfomances and rich design will go together, we'll have the perfect email system.

P.S. another little consideration: the new Yahoo! interface (and the future Hotmail too) is really similar to Outlook... casuality or Outlook UI is now a model?

Print | posted on Friday, September 16, 2005 9:18 AM