Monad Beta 1 is here...

One of the interesting news on this weekend is that the next generation Microsoft's Command Shell (MSH, code named Monad) is out with Beta 1 release.

As reported on Channel 9, to get MSH, first navigate to and logon using Passport. Then, click where indicated just after the text "If you were issued a guest ID by Microsoft you can sign in" then enter the Guest ID of mshPDC (this is case sensitive!). You need to enter your details and you should get beta details back within a couple of days with site access to the MSH bits.

Monad seems to be a totally object oriented command shell and this is surely a powerful tool that now system administrators can have on their hands. You can launch advanced query on your system such as list of processes grouped for memory usage or that overcomes a certain prefixed memory usage, list of processes that are time consuming, a list group by vendors etc. You can also export your system queries in XML format or directly to Excel or similar tools, you can query your file system exactly like a DB and remember that Monad is totally programmable.

A competition with the Bash shell of Unix (as I've read in the past)? No... only a powerful tool that Windows admin now can have to improve their work. Command Shell is not foundamental for the final user, but it's extremely important for who works with the OS at the lowest level.

Print | posted on Monday, June 20, 2005 10:38 AM