March 2005 Entries

Wow... we're on the Top 10! :(

Today a friend signalled me that a famous italian company was on the list of of the Top 10 ISPs directly responsible for the World's spam problem. I can't believe it, so I decide to go to Spamhaus and check by myself... what's the result???? (alias Telecom Italia) is ranked as 8th... wow, congratulations! Are these our progress on technology?

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Windows Server 2003 SP1 out!

Finally, this is the day... the attended Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 is released. The package is about 330 Mb in size and the direct download is recommended if you plan to update more servers, otherwise you'll find the package also on Windows Update.

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WordPress accused of spamming?

I can't see that this is a scandal, but surely it's a notice that will make rumours on the community... Waxy reports that Matt Mullenweg, the maintainer or Wordpress website (one of the most famous open-source blogging software packages) has been accused of using the site to spam search engines with articles written by Hot Nacho about how to play with the Google's AdWords program (specifically, to advertise keywords such as the same spam keywords we usually can see on many posts on blogs). Seems that the Wordpress homepage has a very high Google Pagerank of 8/10, largely because every Wordpress-powered blog links to the Wordpress homepage by...

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Gmail ready soon with HTML Text Formatting

An interesting news as appeared today on the Gmail help online: you will be able soon to compose email messages with Rich Text Formatting (HTML). Gmail's Formatting Options Bold - bold all or some of your message Italics - italicize all or some of your message Underline - underline all or some of your ...

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CAPTCHA Control for CommunityServer

My friend Dave Burke (the magician of .Text customization) has developed in these days a good CAPTCHA control for the new CS::Blogs.If you're interested on this control, you can download the code from here (but I recommedn reading Dave's post).P.S. Congratulation for your blog migration Dave... do you know that, if I'll decide to migrate myself too, I'll ask you a lot of things?

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Scoble and his Blog dimension...

Today I was reading a little old post on Nathan's blog about the Robert Scoble's announce that he will no longer be producing his link blog, due to blogger complaints and a lack of time. What was attracting on this little thread are some of the comments on it: there are people that are asking himself why Microsoft can pay a man that blogs all day and is on video (Channel 9) quite often. I think that this is a provocation, because I don't think that the main Scoble's activity on Microsoft is blogging and doing the show-man on Channel 9...

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Java Enterprise System will be Open Source

Seems that the rumours now are official: Java Enterprise System will be open source. This is a revolutionary step for Sun and a new opportunity for all the Java community. What could be the reaction to this? I hope that someone (Microsoft) will decide to open some of its tool (maybe VS Express free? ).

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IE7 and CSS support: really IE7 useless?

In these days where Microsoft and the IE Team have revealed the work in progress for a new version of Internet Explorer (formerly known as IE7), there are lots of discussions about the CSS standard support that IE7 will have. As usual, seems that IE7 will not be totally CSS compliant (some of the last CSS feature probably will not be supported). I agree that this is a little noise for a web developer, that we'll love to have a full CSS support (as usual, we want the world... ) but if IE7 will not be totally CSS compliant, can you say that...

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Windows XP N?

Microsoft has today announced a resolution with the European Union on the name of a new copy of Windows XP: the name of the new stripped down version of Windows XP without Media player component will be Windows XP N. But is this the best name they've thinked? Windows XP N is totally anonymous, without meaning. Why this choice? I've always hated the previous "Reduced Media" tag but it was better that this new name. N?? What N stay for? New? None? Noise? Negotiated? Nude? Is there someone that can explain me this choice??

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Happy Easter!

The Easter weekend is started... I've programmed lots of things to do during these 3 days but I think that some of my plans (the more pleasant part obviously) will be revisited (after lots of sunny day, the rain is arrived, so travels or similar will be at risk... ). In these days I'm really busy at work (and after work) and I've to study for a Microsoft exam about Navision to take soon (and I've very little time), so these days could be helpful to increase my preparation.However... this post is to say to all of you that...

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Google development model

Joe Beda has post on his blog an interesting review about the development model they use inside Google.Interesting to see that inside Google there is only one code base. Everyone can look and contribute to update this code repository. Inside this repository there's a large library of well documented and easy to integrate code, so when you've to start a project and needs something, you can access it and easily find what can help you. The intranet in Google is super transparent and Teams are actively encouraged to share the most intimate details of their projects with the rest of the...

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Avalon and Indigo Community Technology Preview free for all...

I’m starting to think that requests made on Blogs and Forums now have a big interest also inside Microsoft… Lots of times ago we’ve talked about all the Microsoft Community Technology Preview (CTP) released by Microsoft (Whidbey, Indigo, Avalon etc.) and lots of people agree with me on saying that these CTP could be made available not only for MSDN subscribers, but for the entire big developer community that Microsoft have around the world. Microsoft will not loose money (CTP are not the final release and cannot be used on production) but will earn lots of feedbacks and tests. I...

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Yahoo! and Creative Commons

Yahoo! has launched today a new service: a Creative Commons search engine (located at, able to find contents that respects the new Creative Common licence standar (nonprofit organization that offers flexible copyright protections for creative works).Now you can search directly for works that you can modify, adapt, build upon, or even reuse for commercial purposes.

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What happens when you type "Google" on your browser...

Just found this nice pic that shows (with a nice schema) what is the entire process used by Google (and other search engines I think) to respond to a web search:If you think to a normal Google's response time, this is impressive!

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How to make a developer happy...

Microsoft today has published a press release showing the pricing list of all the Visual Studio 2005’s family: Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition: $799 (upgrade: $549) Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System: $799 (upgrade: $549) Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition: $299 (upgrade: $199) Visual Studio 2005 Express editions will be $49. Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition with MSDN Premium subscription: $2,499 (renewal: $1,999) with No-Cost Upgrades for Active MSDN Universal Subscribers. I’m very happy expecially for the official price of the Express Family… as promised lots of months ago, the price is low and accessible for all types of programmers. I think...

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Microsoft Office Visio 2003 Connector for the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA)

As you know, Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) is a free, best practices vulnerability assessment tool for the Microsoft platform that helps you with the assessment phase of an overall security management strategy. The tool has a graphical and command line interface that can perform local or remote scans of Windows systems, but now there's something more for you... how could be if you could easily view on a graphic diagram how your network in insecure?Now you can do this with the Microsoft Office Visio 2003 Connector for the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer. This new tool lets you view the results of a Microsoft Baseline...

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Sharepoint Rollup Webpart

Carlos Segura has developed an interesting Rollup Webpart for Sharepoint. With this Webpart you can take any Sharepoint lists (Tasks, Announcements, custom lists etc.) and roll them up to your Sharepoint site.The Webpart also checks the site's security so that if a user does not have access to a site or a list these data will not appear. The download is available from here.

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Whidbey Beta 2 for the first week of April?

I hope it won't be the first April's fish of the year, but I've listened rumours on forums that the Whidbey Beta 2 will be released probably during the first week of April. If it will be true, I think it's the time to start "thinking in Whidbey" also for our production's projects. Great!

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Mozilla's family updates are growing like their downloads...

The signs of the big diffusion of Firefox and Thunderbird on the community has a main result: flaws and problems are discovered soon and they're growing like the number of downloads... Consequence of these facts, Asa Dotzler from Mozilla has announced that Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0.1 has been cancelled and Mozilla Firefox 1.0.2 and Thunderbird 1.0.2 releases are on the way. Just when they were ready to release the new updated Thunderbird version (1.0.1), new flaws in Firefox and Thunderbird itself were discovered and a new update was necessary.3 weeks ago was out Firefox 1.0.1 and now we're ready for Firefox 1.0.2... the...

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No chance to have ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts on WSS v2

Today the Sharepoint Team has published some news about Windows Sharepoint Services and its future. Some of this news makes me cry (more or less ), other makes me happy:WSS “v3” (and anything built on top of it like SPS) is being written with ASP.NET 2.0, and will use, natively, ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts and WSS “v3” (and anything built on top of it like SPS) will carry forward the object models used for SharePoint Web Parts, so it will continue to run anything being written today. Maybe the major part of us already knows this, but say that it's confimed...

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Google News on the air?

Google is always in movement... Today the company has lanched a new area, called Google Code, a place for Open Source software (primarily based on the Google's API). Could be wonderful if they will create a big Open Source Repository, such as Sourceforce or GotDotNet. An idea is launched! But the last big mistery is this: Chikai Ohazama, Software Engineer on Google, some days ago has published a new interesting project (he said it was created only to learn Javascript but I' not so sure...) called Google X. In summary, it's a new interface for Google, really similar to what you can find now...

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The worst Book ever or the worst comment for a book?

Today I've see this comment about the last book from Francesco Balena and Giuseppe Dimauro (our Microsoft Regional Director) called Practical Guidelines and Best Practices for Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual C# Developers. According to the post, seems that this book: is not only bad (which I can live with) but dangerous for an inexperienced developer;  Not only does it fall short of "best practices," but it actually advocates bad practices; I'm really shocked!! Is it really so bad??? At the last WPC 2004 in Milan I've received the preview of this book (written in Italian language, as you can see on the image below) and I...

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Fedora Core 4 Test 1 released

Great news for Fedora fans (I'm one of this folks! ): not in evidence on the main site, but Fedora is out with the new Core 4 Test 1 release.Some of the main features included on this release are:GNOME 2.10KDE 3.4OpenOffice 2gcc 4 as the primary compilerEclipse IDEMySQL 4.1.10PHP 5.0.3A big quantity of Java packages for developersIf you want to download and test this release (remember, this release at the moment is only for testing!), you can find a list of mirrors that have this new package HERE, and if you want you can find also some BitTorrent link...

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Page Hijacking

Claus Schmidt has published today an interesting article about “Page Hijacking” using 302 Server redirect. A page hijack is a technique exploiting the way search engines interpret certain commands that a web server can send to a visitor. In essence, it allows a hijacking website to replace pages belonging to target websites in the Search Engine Results Pages. When a visitor searches for a term, an hijacker can replace the pages that appear for this search with pages that he controls. The new pages that he inserts into the search engine are "virtual pages", meaning that they don't exist as real pages. They...

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Firefox "Save Link As..." Status Bar Spoofing Weakness

Secunia reports another little security alerts that affects Firefox and all its family (Mozilla and Thunderbird).  Seems that it is still possible to display an incorrect URL in the status bar when hovering the mouse over a link, right clicking, and choosing "Save Link As...". This can be exploited by including a nested link in a table inside a link, just like this example:<a href="[TRUSTED_URL]"><table><tr><td><a href="[MALICIOUS_URL]">download</a></td></tr></table></a>  So… be careful when you save a file on your machine. Links about this problem can be found here:

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Microsoft will abandon Password?

As appeared on this article on Vunet, seems that Microsoft at the recent CeBit 2005 announced that in the future versions of Windows the traditional way of authentication (via password) will be abandoned in favour of a new two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication uses two way of authentication together to autenticate a user and now I’m really curious to know how will be the ways that Microsoft will adopt for the forthcoming Windows version. Smart Card? Fingertips? Voice recognition? All good things, but how a traditional user can have the necessary hardware at home? Maybe we’ll have soon a new PC generation?

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Add a ruler to your Firefox

Jus discovered this nice extension for Firefox: MeasureIt.It adds the possibility for Firefox to draw a ruler across any webpage to check the width, height, or alignment of page elements in pixels, just with a click on the MeasureIt button in the status bar (it turns on/off the ruler).Really useful if you're a web designer or if you're involved on some CSS customizations.

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Microsoft's Web Based RSS Aggregator?

SiliconBeat reports on a new post that Microsoft's MSN seems to have a closely work in progress for a Web-based RSS Aggregator (this link at the moment doesn't work, I think the access is closed now). Seems that it doesn't work with Firefox... casuality? I've found a screenshot on the net, thanks to ReadWriteWeb:My question is: this news comes out during the day when Google launched the "customization" feature of its News section. Casuality? I think that, after the "Desktop Search", the Web Based RSS Aggregators could be the new field of war for company like MSN, Google and Yahoo.Will we have a personal...

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News on Google News :)

Just discovered a new feature for Google News… on the upper right corner of the page now you have a “Customize this page” link You can drag and drop sections as you want and (what is really interesting) you can now add your own sections for any keyword you want by clicking on “Add a custom section”. Great!

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Two good news from IE7

Paul Thurrott (always near to Microsoft’s rumours) today announced two news for the future release of Internet Explorer 7: IE7 will include Tabbed Browsing: this is a feature too much requested and all modern browsers have it so… not a surprise, maybe if IE7 was thinking to start without Tabs it was a looser before its born. IE7 will not include a new Outlook Express version: wow… I was worried to have to install a new version of this orrible (for me obviously  ) tool with the new IE version, but fortunately seems that a new Outlook Express version will be...

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Keep alive VB6 or not?

There’s on the air a petition launched by some MVPs around the world and its summary is this: we want to resume VB6! Really? Why this revolution of nostalgic people? I can’t understand the reasons… I think that exactly as the hardware is on a continuos revolution of features and performances, the same must be for the software. VB6 is a great language, no doubt about this. I think VB6 has the honour to be the first language that has transformed and make easy the way of programming Windows. With its adoption, the Win32 programming world was accessible for a big range of...

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Controlling a virtual machine through PowerPoint

The Virtual PC Guys today have an interesting post about a Virtual Server feature that was totally unknown for me: how you can control a Virtual Machine through Powerpoint. To do this, you can create a PowerPoint slide and go the 'Insert' menu and select 'Object'. One of the objects should be the Microsoft Virtual Server VMRC Control.  Once you have added this object you should open the properties and change the server and port settings, and anything else you want. You’re ready to go.       This is really a cool tip to know, expecially if you plan to do some...

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Good news from the MBS world...

I’ve just read the PressPass from the last Microsoft Business Solutions Convergence Customer Conference, where Microsoft highlighted the company's strategy for business applications and detailed its road map to partners and customers. I’m happy to see that the rumours on the air are all confirmed:  Project Green, the code name for next-generation Microsoft Business Solutions‘ development efforts, will be delivered over the course of two waves.The first wave will occur between 2005 and 2007, and will include the release of a shared user interface based around 50 common configurable roles that people have within a company, all seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Office. Microsoft's business applications also...

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A Data Access Layer for Sharepoint

I was missing this tool… If someone of us has never tryed to interact with Sharepoint (maybe with its web services), he has certainly observed that it’s not always so easy (I think Microsoft will have to work a lot to improve the interaction with the Sharepoint engine). Addy Santo has starting a project for a new Data Access Layer for Sharepoint, an alternative to WSS Web Services. The library (complete with full source code, some light samples, setup instructions and documentation) is available HERE. I’ve not tryed the library yet, but it’s really interesting to see how the code works. For example, this is the...

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Blogging from Pocket PC to Community Server

The best tool for blogging from a Pocket PC to a blog engine that supports the MetaWeblog API I’ve found on the net I think is the tool developed by Kevin Daily, known as Diarist. I’ve blogged about this tool on the past, and now I want to signal to the community that the tool was improved in these days and, with a recent fix, now it supports also the new Community Server engine. Blogging in mobility I think it’s one of the coolest thing you can do with your Blog…

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The original language of the .NET CLR

When I saw this post by Sriram Krishnan I was really surprise:  the .NET CLR's Garbage Collection was initially written in Lisp, then  run through a Lisp->C converter which was then cleaned up by an intern. I can’t imagine something like this. I was thinking that the CLR was something like a low level C coding (or C++), but I was never thinking that it could come from a LISP conversion. LISP was for a lot of time the king of languages used for Artificial Intelligence applications and also now it’s often used for these types of applications and real-time systems development. Maybe is this the reason...

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Google Desktop Search ends the Beta stage

Finally Google ends the beta stage for its Google Desktop Search, and today a new release (not targeted as “beta”) is out. The main news on this 1.0 release is that it’s now totally Firefox and Thunderbird compatible, it’s able to index the text on PDF files (really useful feature), now allows you to block secure HTTPS pages from indexing and automatically excludes all password-protected documents from Word and Excel. Nice to see that Beta stages on Google’s product are ending? And when will be the moment for Gmail?

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Windows Server 2003 and XP SP2 LAND attack vulnerability

According to a segnalation by Dejan Levaja, seems that Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP SP2 (with Windows Firewall turned off)  are vulnerable to what is called a "LAND attack" (sending TCP packet with SYN flag set, source and destination IP address and source and destination port as of destination machine, results in 15-30 seconds DoS condition).By creating malicious packets and sending a single LAND packet to file server causes Windows explorer freezing on all workstations currently connected to the server. CPU on server goes 100%.I've mentioned the problem because nework managers must be alerted (set your Firewall to detect LAND attacks) and...

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Reporting Services Scripter

If you are working (or if you plan to work) with SQL Server Reporting Services, this tool could be really useful and save you a lot of time...Reporting Services Scripter is a .NET Windows Forms application that enables scripting of all Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services catalog items to aid in transferring them from one server to another. It can also be used to easily move items on mass from one Reporting Services folder to another on the same server. Depending on the scripting options chosen, Reporting Services Scripter can also transfer all catalog item properties such as Descriptions, History...

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Migration from .Text to Community Server: a dilemma!

I see a lot of bloggers that, after the release of the official 1.0 version of Community Server, are planning a migration from their .Text to the new platform.I was also thinking to perform a migration for myself, but I'm asking why could be the advantages for my blog. If you host a Blog Community, migration is a big step over expecially for performances, stability and features (possibility to create a "shared" blog, single post moderation etc.), but for a single Blog?Can I have a big advantage? My blogging engine at the moment is a customized .Text version, with antispam...

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A new Navision Bug?

Today I think we've discovered a new undocumented bug on Microsoft Navision (I've worked with 3.70 and 4.00 versions but I think it's for all the previous versions). We've worked with the Customer table (table 18) and we've created a dataport to import all the customers records from a text file to a new Company (empty) in Navision. We've imported the fields No., Name, Address, City and Last Date Modified. During the dataport creation, if you set a data item with the properties AutoSave = Yes, AutoUpdate = No and Autoreplace = Yes , these combination of fields (according to the documentation) must launch...

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Testing PostXING

In the past I've listened lots of good comments about PostXING, the blogging tool developed by Christopher Frazier and this evening I've decided to give it a try, expecially because this is a period where I'm often out of office and I need a little (but complete) blogging tool to take with me on my USB Pen. PostXING is really cool... great interface, with all the features you need to perform a blog post without writing HTML with your hands. Ok, someone of us could say that these features are common to other Blogging tools... and you're right. But PostXING has...

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Yahoo! Search Web Services

Yahoo! has opened a new developer section focused on Yahoo! Search Web Services, a new API that allows you to access and work with all the search engine contents. From this section you can download an SDK and find some examples on how to work with it.But... where is .NET??

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A Live CD to try Sun's Project Looking Glass

Sun has launched some times ago the interesting Project Looking Glass, a new revolutionary Java technology-based technology that will bring 3D windowing capabilities to the desktop to offer a far richer user experience for work and play.This project was for a long time only reserved for few "lucky" people, but now Sun has launched a great idea: a Live CD to try Looking Glass. This cd is based on a Knoppix derivate with better 3D hardware-acceleration and the version 0.6.1 of Looking Glass.Obviosuly, it's on a very early stage so don't imagine to launch the cd and see a wonderful 3D desktop engine. During the booting phase...

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ADO.NET Data Provider for NNTP

GotDotNet is a big repository for interesting projects (obviously, if you're lucky to check it during the days where it works... ). Today, thanks to Jason Bentley (and Ryan Farley), I've discovered a project that could be really interesting for me: an ADO.NET Data Provider for NNTP. Why is so cool? If you want to search on newsgroups, with this ADO.NET provider you could write something like this: nntpConnection conn = new nntpConnection("");try{  conn.Open();  nntpCommand cmd = new nntpCommand("select top    10 * from microsoft.public.dotnet.languages.csharp", conn);  nntpDataAdapter da = new nntpDataAdapter(cmd);  DataSet ds = new DataSet();  da.Fill(ds);  dataGrid1.DataSource = ds.Tables[0];  cmd.Dispose();}finally {  conn.Dispose();} And you're ready to go......

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