Knoppix and Virtual PC

Some months ago (as someone of you can remember) I’ve decided to try Monoppix, the Mono Development environment live CD (based on Knoppix Linux distribution) that Jon Galloway signalled me. My decision was to try it under Virtual PC and I had problems with the video driver (Virtual PC emulates S3 Trio Video adapter with 16 color depth and Monodevelop was unreadable). I was crying… ;)

What I’ve discovered just few minutes ago?

Jon has a message for me on his blog:

Weep no more, Stefano! I finally came up with the Knoppix "cheat code" to set the color depth correctly under VPC: knoppix xserver=XFree86 xmodule=s3 depth= 16”.

Great Jon! I’ll try it soon. However, a message for you: Monoppix is great! Ok my test under Virtual PC was not a success, but its power is that it’s a live cd so… just a reboot from the cd and all was working!   Thanks again. :)

Print | posted on Thursday, February 24, 2005 11:14 AM