February 2005 Entries

Uninstalling SQL Server 2005 Beta

This is a feedback that I've found on a newsgroup and that I think could be useful for all who have installed SQL Server 2005 (beta) on a production machine (ahi ahi... why not using a Virtual Machine? ). If you try to uninstall SQL Server 2005 beta and after that you try to open your Enterprise Manager for a SQL connection, you could see this error:SQLDMO has not been registered. Please re-install SQL Server and try again.To solve this problem, you've to go into C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80\Tools\Binn\ and run regsvr32 sqldmo.dll. The dll will be registered and...

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Slashdot, you're loosing points...

It's a lot of months that I was thinking this, but after the last view I think it's the time to take out these words: in the last months, Slashdot sucks!!!News are not news, the great amount of notices on it comes out from the blogs around the world without a mention to the real source (and I think that for a big portal like Slashdot this is not good, because I think that lots of people would like to be "Slashdotted"), the number of fake news and stupid comments is growing.The last wonderful news posted on Slashdot is this: Microsoft...

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A new Firefox Extension for posting...

Firefox extensions are growing like mushrooms... Scribe is a Firefox extension that permits you to save your posts on web forms locally while surfing (XHTML format), so you could reload it next time.It adds Word Processor like functionality to web forms, including opening and saving form entries as files. If you are a blogger, it could be useful during your blogging activities (for example if you've not a dedicated tool for blogging or during your feedback activity).

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How we want in the Navision IDE

Last week we was on Microsoft Italy for a Partner meeting and we had a quick talk with the responsible for the Microsoft Business Solution Feedback Center, in particular for the Navision division. We was invited to signal what we'd like to have for the future releases and something was planned but... why noone talked about the Navision code editor??? Navision has growth in release number and functionality, but the C/AL editor is always the same, too old for an actual product. No intellisense, no TAB support, no indentation... Maybe I'm useful to use the VS.NET IDE (really wonderful!!) and my...

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New update for Firefox

Yesterday Mozilla has released a new release for Firefox: Firefox 1.0.1. This could appear as a minor and few important release, but it’s not so. Firefox 1.0.1 is an important update focused on solving the previously discovered security flaws and improving stability so… upgrade is recommended!

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Google Maps and Zooming

Have you seen that Google Maps service now have a wonderful zooming feature for driving directions??? Try this link (only a quick example created by myself) and enjoy. Really cool… Google is always super!!

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SharePoint WebParts for SQL Reporting Services

I was missing this great project… Bryan Likes is the author of RsWebParts, a set of SharePoint WebParts that are used to display Microsoft Reporting Services reports in a SharePoint Portal or Site. This sounds wonderful… keep up the great work Bryan!

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SQL Server 2005 new product line

Microsoft has just detailed the new product line for Microsoft® SQL Server (TM) 2005. In summary, the SQL Server 2005 product line will consist of the following: SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition , a complete data and analysis platform for large mission-critical business applications SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition , a complete data and analysis platform designed for medium-sized businesses SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition , an affordable, easy-to-use and simple-to-manage database solution for small to medium-sized organizations SQL Server 2005 Express Edition , at no-cost, easy-to-use version of SQL Server 2005 designed for building simple data-driven applications My question after seeing this...

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Knoppix and Virtual PC

Some months ago (as someone of you can remember) I’ve decided to try Monoppix, the Mono Development environment live CD (based on Knoppix Linux distribution) that Jon Galloway signalled me. My decision was to try it under Virtual PC and I had problems with the video driver (Virtual PC emulates S3 Trio Video adapter with 16 color depth and Monodevelop was unreadable). I was crying… ;) What I’ve discovered just few minutes ago? Jon has a message for me on his blog: “Weep no more, Stefano! I finally came up with the Knoppix "cheat code" to set the color depth correctly under VPC: knoppix xserver=XFree86...

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Managed Windows CE Remote API

Gaurav Khanna is one of the people involved on the CERapi Project, a porting on managed code of the  Windows CE Remote API (RAPI), the mechanism via which desktop applications can talk with the Windows CE device over ActiveSync connection. CERapi is downloadable from HERE and it comes with complete documentation, examples and currently supports:1) Retrieving device and OS information2) Retrieving Battery (main and backup) charge details3) Retrieving Memory details of the device4) Retrieving Special Folders, Storage details and more… Interesting…

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Critical update for XP SP2

Microsoft has posted today a critical fix to Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) on its Windows Update site, and pushed it to users relying on Automatic Update. The goal of this update is to address a problem (public since December 2004 and that affects also Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005) where, in some cases, the installation of third-party antivirus or firewall software could bring down the operating system (the famous “Blue Screen of Death” with a cryptic error that reads "Stop 0x05 (INVALID_PROCESS_ATTACH_ATTEMPT)." The upgrade is recommended (and this is one of the cases where problems are not on...

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Microsoft people have a golden heart

Today a news that make me happy: a Press Release from Microsoft says that Microsoft Research is working with leading doctors and scientists around the world to develop software algorithms and advanced tecniques to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic. This is really a great action, expecially if you think that Bill Gates (with the Gates Foundation) helps from a lot of time who needs founds for the research in these fields. Microsoft, you're doing a great job that makes you honor. Lots of people that talks a lot against you (Stallman and all his fans for example :P ) this time have something to learn from...

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RootkitRevealer: a new way to discover intruders

SysInternals, famous for all its good tools for Windows systems (Process Explorer is one of my favourite) today is out with a new free security tool called RootkitRevealer. RootkitRevealer is an advanced root kit detection utility that runs on Windows NT 4 and higher and its output lists Registry and file system API discrepancies that may indicate the presence of a user-mode or kernel-mode rootkit (a "rootkit" is a technique used by malware, including viruses, spyware, and trojans, to hide their presence from spyware blockers, antivirus, and system management utilities). This tools has a GUI version (really useful) and a command-line version, and you can...

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Update for Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) 2.0

Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) is a fondamental core of all your download (Automatic Updates, Windows Update or similar). From today, a new update for Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) 2.0 (and WinHTTP 5.1) is available to download. These updates help ensure an optimal download experience with future versions of Automatic Updates, Windows Update, and other programs that rely on BITS to transfer files using idle network bandwidth. Recommended!

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Windows Firewall Has A Backdoor

I've always said that the built-in Windows Firewall is not a good firewall, expecially if you have a computer that could be often exposed under attacks, and today I had another confirmation. According to this report, seems that by adding a new key to the Windows Registry in  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/Services/SharedAccess/Parameters/FirewallPolicy/StandardProfile/AuthorizedApplications/Listyou can circumvent the whole purpose of the firewall with out the users interaction or knowledge.So, stay tuned with you're using Wndows Firewall and remember always that these backdoors could only be opened if you're running as Administrator.

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12th April: the XP SP2 Forcing!

This post is a reminder for all (and for myself too) that have not upgraded all your Windows XP systems to the last XP SP2: from the 12th of April,  Automatic Update (AU) and Windows Update (WU) services will deliver Windows XP SP2 regardless of the presence of the blocking mechanism you are using in these days (now you can choose if you want to download the XP SP2 or not). Personally, I don't agree totally with this choice... I know that the decision wants to be only focused to increase user system's security, but I'm quite sure that, after this "forced"...

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Windows SharePoint Services RSS Web Part

Are you a Sharepoint user and maybe do you like to have a Web part that can read a RSS feed, for example your Blog? Now it's realy an easy step! HERE there's a great service: you can setup "on the fly" a Web Part to read a feed that you specify, download the .DWP file and install it directly on your  your Windows SharePoint Services. The result is a Web Part like this:Really wonderful...

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Community Server 1.0 finally out

I know that lots of people was waiting for this new and now the time is over:  Telligent System staff has announced that the new Community Server 1.0 (CS 1) has officially been released and you can download the installer from HERE! (only the installer for the moment, the source code will be available during the next days).Interesting to know that the developer staff has start thinking to the new version 1.1 and that they want to move both www.asp.net/forums and blogs.msdn.com platforms on Community Server. If you consider that these platforms have lots of users and lots of accesses during a day,...

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MetaBlog API out of CommunityServer

The CommunityServer Staff (aka Scott) has announced the decision to remove MetaBlog API from the main CS download and make it a separate download (with some improvements). If you plan to install the new CommunityServer to host your blog engine, remember that if you want to post on your blog via external client tools (such as BlogJet, w.Bloggar, IMHO or similar) now you've to download the zip provided on the post above and install it.

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Firefox Growing

Not worried of the announces out in these days of new future rivals (IE7), Firefox is continuously growing:  on February 15th, exactly 99 days after it was released, Firefox 1.0 smashed through the 25 million download milestone. IE Team... you've to run!!!!  

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Just come back from Microsoft...

I'm just come back from Microsoft Italy, after an entire (and full) day totally devoted to the new Navision 4 presentation for the Microsoft Partners.It was a nice day, expecially because this was my first chance to meet all our NavLab Partners. As usual, Microsoft's events organization is great (and a great lunch too ). The presentation has touched all Navision's aspects, from the new features, the new GUI, licensing and finally the new feedback center.Regarding the feedback aspect, I've something to say... I come from the pure developer world and I can say that the MSDN Feedback Center is really good. If...

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Meeting for Navision 4.0 presentation

Tomorrow morning I will be in Microsoft Italy (Segrate, MI) for a NAV-Lab Partner Meeting (NAV-Lab is a group of Teams involved on Navision extensions and development) and the key point of the event will be the presentation of the new Microsoft Navision 4.0. This is the first Navision Partner meeting for me (it's a few time that I'm involved on Navision development), so I hope to understand well all the features of the new version (the first Navision version totally "made in Microsoft"). See you there...

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BizTalk ODBC Adapter

Owen Allen signals that his collegue Todd Van Nurden has written an ODBC adapter for BizTalk Server 2004, and you can download it from the GotDotNet Workspace.  The ODBC adapter addresses some of the limitations of the SQL Adapter. Example of features: Stored Procedures with output parameters (if the ODBC driver supports them) Compound Queries - more than one query performed in a single pass Possibility to enter your own SQL statements with parameters Batched queries: the request XML document can be nested with multiple parameter sets I think it's a tool that could be useful if you (like me) plan to work with BizTalk.

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VB.NET in the Real World

Today I've see that the results of the 2004 Visual Basic Worldwide Survey are graphically published on the net (thanks Dino for the segnalation). Interesting signals comes out from this survey... the first thing to note is that the past is not forgotten but is really present, so VB6 is also at the moment the most used language in the VB's family. Too many applications was built with VB6 and a migration is not always a step that companies want to do (or not to do in a short period): The main benefit for a migration on the .NET world seems to come...

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IE7 will be soon here!

This is a wonderful news that all was waiting for... Do you remember how many rumours about a possible new Internet Explorer version? Microsoft will work for a new IE7 or not?Today, all these answers have a response: IE7 is a real project and betas will be available for this summer (the news come directly from the IE Team).The new IE7 will only be available for Windows XP SP2 customers and will be totally focused on increasing security and better browsing experience. Now we've only to wait for more informations, but now we can say that we're talking about a real project...

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Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 Expiration Date

Maybe I'm the only one that didn't know this fact, but today it was a big shock for my poor heart to discover that Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 has an expiration date set to the 1st of July. I hope that the announced VS2005 Beta 2 will arrive soon (before July), or I will be forced to change my PC date...

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When a site hates Firefox, I hate the site!

Today I've received a letter at home from Sony, that has sent me a promo card with all its new Sony Vaio notebook (I'm a Vaio user and I think it's one of the best line of notebooks available). The promo card was also to launch its online shop, available at the new SonyStyle.IT website.After reading the letter, I decide to go to check the new online shop. I open my Firefox and reach the site. Wow... great site and great new models! Now I want to have more info about a model that attract my attention, so I click...

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A Firefox SearchBar for Google Maps

The new Google Maps service (launched in these days) has obtained lots of success (incredible to see how Google can work with DHTML on the performance and graphic side). If you love this new service, here you can find a Google Maps SearchBar plugin for Firefox.

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New Yahoo! Toolbar for Firefox

Today Yahoo! has released a new Yahoo! Toolbar for Firefox. In my opinion, the toolbar was interesting for Internet Explorer, but for Firefox it doesn't add so much features that the browser itself not have as standard.

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BizTalk Adapter for Web Services Enhancement (WSE) 2.0

This is an interesting download that Microsoft has provided us and I think I'll have to use it in the next future (I'd like to see also examples on how to work with this tool too): The BizTalk Adapter for Web Services Enhancements (WSE) 2.0 integrates secure Web services with BizTalk Server 2004. The Adapter for WSE is implemented using the WSE 2.0 framework for Microsoft .NET, and supports WS-Security, WS-Trust, WS-SecureConversation, WS-SecurityPolicy, and WS-Policy. The Adapter for WSE can be used for securely calling Web services and publishing BizTalk orchestrations as Web services.When calling Web services, the Adapter for WSE...

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How to integrate FreeTextBox 3.0 on .Text

I've talked about this problem in the past... the FreeTextBox control embedded on .Text is not compatible with Firefox and so it's impossible to perform a WYSIWYG post by using the blog engine admin interface. The required action is an upgrade to the new FreeTextBox 3.0 control, that support Firefox and all the Gecko-based browsers, but obviously this process requires a .Text compilation and some works on customizations.After having seen some posts about this integration (not too much clear), today Brendan Tompkins has post on his blog a detailed explanation oh how to integrate the new FreeTextBox 3.0 on .Text.Really...

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How to add simple "Install Web Part" menu to right click on a CAB file

If you are a Sharepoint developer, this is a trick that could be really useful...When you are developing a Web Part, to install it on Sharepoint normally you've to to a lot of work (place the code on the right folder, restart IIS etc.). What about if you could automate this process?This tips shows how to add simple "Install Web Part" menu to right click on a CAB file, good to speed up the installation process. Bookmarked!

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The February Patch Day is here...

As promised, the new Windows Security Update for February 2005 is out... The security updates for February 2005 include several high-priority updates for Microsoft Windows that also affect Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Media Player technologies. Curious to see that many of the new patches affects also XP SP2... The upgrade is highly recommended!

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A new Firefox URL Spoofing Vulnerability

It was common on these months seeing new Internet Explorer flaws discovered every day, but it was quite impossible to see a flaw that affects other browsers (such as Firefox) and not IE.Today I want to signal exactly a fact like this... there's a new URL Spoofing Vulnerability that affects browsers such as Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Safari, but not the old Internet Explorer! Check one of these links:Click here to enter PaypalClick here to enter Paypal via SSLA Click on one of the two links above by using a browser different from IE should result in a spoofed Paypal.com webpage. The links are...

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Remove Windows Messenger from your PC

Sometimes you try to search the net for the most curious things and it's incredible how many times you find the solution to your request...Today I've found if there was a way to uninstall the noisy Windows Messenger service and... incredible... here is the solution:open the sysoc.inf file in the \windows\inf folderfind the line msmsgs=msgrocm.dll, 0cEntry, msmsgs.inf, hide, 7delete the word hide from the linesave the sysoc.inf fileEt voilà... Now you've an option to remove Windows Messenger available in the Control Panel Add/Remove Windows Components section.

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View SQL Server Data into Sharepoint

I've a question to all of you that have developed applications and add-on for Sharepoint Portal Server.I'll have to interact with Sharepoint Portal Server by viewing on a custom site some data that comes from some SQL Server tables loaded by external applications. How is the best way to show these data into Sharepoint? I know I can interact with Sharepoint mainly with 2 ways:Web Services: a SharePoint server makes available out of the box some web services that interact with some of its components (lists, workspaces etc.). I could write an application that reads the needed SQL server data and...

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A Firefox Extension For Enhancing Search Engines

This is really a cool Firefox extension, recommended to all of you...BetterSearch is a new Firefox Extension which enhances Google (all international flavours, too), MSN Search, Yahoo Search, A9, AllTheWeb, del.icio.us and Simpy.com by adding previews (thumbnails) and Amazon product images and info (type, price, rating), a quick preview as well as "Open in New Window", "Site Info" and "Wayback Machine" links to the search results.After installing this extension, your search on one of the Search engines previously mentioned will appear as follow:Wonderful...

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Welcome Windows Forms FAQ

I've spent my last 2 years mainly developing Windows Forms applications and one of the site I've often checked is SyncFusion with its wonderful Windows Form FAQ area.Now (maybe after lots of community requests ) also Microsoft has its official Windows Form FAQ pages. Wonderful...

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Microsoft's decision to support C and C++ on .NET is really a big error?

On an article appeared yesterday on ZDNet, Java creator James Gosling claims that Microsoft’s decision to support C and C++ in the common language runtime (CLR) in .NET is "one of the biggest and most offensive mistakes that they could have made".He further commented that by including the two languages into Microsoft’s software development platform, the company "has left open a security hole large enough to drive many, many large trucks through", and he explains that "the security hole is based upon the fact that several features of the older languages are ambivalent with regards to security".Is really a big error??? I'm...

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New SDK for SharePoint Developers

The January 2005 version of SharePoint Products and Technologies 2003 Software Development Kit and Windows SharePoint Services Software Development Kit are available to download. These SDK contains conceptual overviews, programming tasks, samples and references to guide you in developing solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies and Windows SharePoint Services as a platform. The SDK includes information about the following technologies: Web Part Framework Create, package, and deploy Web Parts on SharePoint sites. Server-side object model Work with individual lists and sites or manage an entire Windows SharePoint Services deployment. Web services Use default Web services, or create custom Web services, to interact with...

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How to setup CommunityServer as a single Blog

My friend Bob today points me to this article:  How To setup CommunityServer to work as a single Blog.CommunityServer (the successor of .Text as most of us loves to say) was designed around the idea of multi-user community featuring forums, blogs and photo galleries, but there are still a lot of people who run their own personal site and want the same blog/gallery functionality.Configuring CommunityServer as a single Blog seems to be quite easy, it requires only a download of a customized SiteUrls.config file and 7 little steps. If someone wants to try, now the solution is here...

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First working day...

Today was my first working day on my new company... it was a "lite day", only worked on setting up my new machine and my future projects (I've to learn Navision and I'll have a project on .NET integration with Microsoft CRM). A little curiosity... we're a Microsoft Certified Partner and I've installed Firefox and Thunderbird on my new working machine... is it a bad thing???

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A Best Practice for Error Handling

Today I had a discussion with a co-worker about error handling on a Windows Form application. In summary, in his application he has some localized error handling mechanisms, placed on critical parts of code, but not a global error handler. The discussion was mainly about this: is a global error handler a best practice or not? I think that the answer is YES, because with a global error handler you can catch all the exceptions that, for some reasons, are not managed by other error handlers and so your applications will be more secure and strong. How to do this? Normally I use this approach: Function Main(ByVal args()...

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Google is now a Domain Registrar

Google from today is an official registrar of web addresses (check the IANA Registrar list here, Google is number 895), and this means that we will be able to register domains via its portal (a new dedicated area?).Could be wonderful if a giant like Google on the domain registration world will have, as a result, a big price fall down... I hope this!

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Port Reporter 1.01 out

Yesterday the new 1.01 version of Port Reporter was released.For who don't know it, Port Reporter is a little tool that that runs as a service on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 and logs TCP and UDP port activity on a local Windows system. On Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 this service is able to log which ports are used, which process is using the port, if the process is a service, which modules the process has loaded and which user account is running the process.On Windows 2000 systems, this service is limited to logging which...

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A 3D CAPTCHA Idea...

I've found today on Slashdot that someone has start thinking to a new CAPTCHA antispam filter, more difficult to decode from sophisticated spam bots, based on 3D images.In summary, insted of having CAPTCHA images based on particular obfuscated text (similar to what you can see on my Blog), this project is based on this idea:you can Manually design a library of easily recognizable computer generated three-dimensional objectsThe computer is given a description of each attribute of each object, as you can see on the image below: The computer takes a sample of objects from the library and places them together in a...

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