Trying Monoppix...

This evening I've decided to try Monoppix (a little test, I had not too much time for a complete test ).

For the test I've decided not to start with a boot from the Monoppix CD (recommended!!!), but using Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 (I was curious to try Knoppix under it).

The boot was a success... Obviously, Virtual PC has lots of limitations and in this case the biggest limitation is that the Virtual PC emulated video device is only 256 colors, so KDE environment is not so good (but readable).

To boot vith Virtual PC, I've decided to directly use the CD as the source for my virtual machine. To do this, you've simply to do this:

  • Start your Virtual PC.
  • Create a new virtual machine and select "Other" as hosted OS.
  • When start your new Virtual Machine just created, select "CD" on the VPC Menu and "Use Physical Drive".
  • Now your Virtual Machine with Monoppix is ready to start...

The first thing you want to do (ok, apart from reading the Mono Quick Start Tutorial (very small) is start to work by using Monodevelop I think (almost for me ).

But... where is Monodevelop???? You search on every possible menus but Monodevelop is not here. Where is? Disappeared? No... Monodevelop is on the CD but I think the author has forgotten to place a link on the desktop or on the KDE menu (I think it's a must to do for the future).

So, what you've to do is open your Terminal (or Shell Console) and type "Monodevelop". The environment is now ready to start.

This is the moment to cry... Monodevelop is totally unreadable and unusable under VPC (as you can see on the image).

The only thing that you can do to work with Monoppix on VPC is trying programming with Mono manually...

What I want to say is that you've to write your program with a text editor (such as VI, GVIM, or KWrite), save your program (I've used the TMP directory created by the Virtual Machine, you can see it by typing ls -la on the Console) and compile it manually with the Mono Compiler, like this:

Your program is compiled...

However, apart from this little test, what I can say is that Monoppix is really interesting, expecially to keep in touch with the Mono development. I recommend not to use it under Virtual PC if you want to work well and programming seriously. Start from the CD and all is wonderful!

I hope the Monoppix Team will keep up the great work...

Print | posted on Thursday, September 09, 2004 5:20 PM