Do you want to try Mono but not install it on a Pc?

Do you love the Knoppix Linux distributions and its extreme facility to booting on every machine (I love Knoppix, I'm a Knoppix fan from years now)?

Ok... this is the tool for you!

Jon Galloway points me to this wonderful tool, exactly the tool I was waiting for (I remember some months ago a big discussion on my blog about this): a Knoppix Linux distribution with all the Mono environment installed: Monoppix.

This is now a public preview only intended for testing and feedback prior to the official release, but seems really promising. I want to test it soon.

The ISO to download are located HERE.

Now I hope only that the Mono Team will release the complete support for Windows Forms soon...


Print | posted on Wednesday, September 01, 2004 12:03 PM