September 2004 Entries

Zarqawi's Web Site Hacked

Just discovered this news... the TeAmZ USA Hacking Group yesterday for the second time has hacked the terrorist's official site, giving an alert also to the hosting provider. Now the site is back up but the alert is launched: provider must close the site!!The defacement image is this:Really nice!

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Keep your eyes open...

The last GDI+ bug discovered in these days and published freely on the net by someone that defines himself "hacker" can be the base of a new dangerous worm that could attack your system via email.The GDI+ bug can be exploited not only bu surfing web pages, but expecially by receiving emails with images as attachments or (more dangerous) embedded on the email body in HTML format.Disabling the HTML mail feature of your mail client is not the way to do (personally, I don't like HTML emails but I know than lots of people loves them). So, what you can do...

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MS opens the door to Open Source

Great to see that the new Microsoft movements to the Open Source world are growing...After the release under the Common Public License (CPL) of its Windows Installer XML (WiX) to and next the Windows Template Library (WTL) project, now Microsoft is releasiong to the Open Source world the code for FlexWiki, a nice software for creating "Wikis", the collabourative web pages.I hope that this direction will continue... these are projects that under the Open Source movement could grow a lot and I hope that on the future we could see more biggest projects released at the same way (why not for...

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FTP Plugin for Firefox

One of the feature that lots of times ago I was asking to the IE Team was to add an FTP feature to Explorer. Obviously, I've never see something like this on IE.Now, after the switch to Firefox, I've found the tool I was asking for: fireFTP. This is an FTP client that works like a Firefox plugin and provides easy and intuitive access to FTP servers. The project is really on an early stage but seems working good... I recommend to try it!

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Just uninstalled XP SP2

The story:I've a PC at home with Windows XP Professional SP1, always patched, connected to Internet via an ADSL Line. All is worked good until the installation of XP SP2. 3 days ago 've installed the XP SP2 from Windows Update and the big problems are started... In summary:The PC is terrible slow now, always, connected or not connected to the net. :(Internet Connection via USB Modem are automatically disconnected after a time of inactivity. I've solved this problem by going to Settings, Control Panel, System Menu, Hardware, and on the Device Manager selecting all the USB Root Hubs and...

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Hackers or what?

Sometimes I'm asking what could be the philosophy of an hacker... finding flaws to see that he's the best? Exploiting systems for business? All is possible...What really I don't know is why some hackers decide to publish their exploit code on the net. why this? Pubblicity? Do you want that someone says that you're the best? Can you think what could be the danger to publish on the net an exploit code? Too many times we can see stupid young boys that surf the net to find exploit code to try. An exploit code on the wrong hand is like...

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Mobile Phone Delirium! :)

A German telecommunications company said on Tuesday it is developing the first mobile phone that will alert users when their breath is bad or if they are giving off offensive smells. HERE the details. Amazing!

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Great News from the Mono side...

Really happy to see this... The forthcoming version of Mono (2.0), due to ship next March, will implement a native Visual Basic .NET compiler, native Windows Forms (WinForms) support and an update to the .NET API. Also big improvements on the performance side are on charge... the time to see a total migration of a standard Winform application from a Windows to a Linux environment is coming?

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Also Google on the Browser War?

I'm really fascinating to read today lots of news that talks about the possibility for a Google enter on the browser world (examples here and here). This news was on the air from a lot of time but, will really be true? I think that a traditional browser "made in Google" could not be a great success for the company, expecially in this period where lots of good browsers (Firefox ) are out and widespread.But, if Google (according to its tradition) will do a revolution also on the browser world? What could happen? If a day the way to surf the network will change?Do you remember...

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WPC 2004... I will be there!

Today the news I was waiting for is arrived... I will be to the WPC 2004 in Milan in November! Special thanks to my boss for the opportunity given (with sincerity, to be there by myself was too much expensive! ).5 interesting days are waiting me, and I'm really happy to have the opportunity to meet some friends... C U there...

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DotNetNuke Optimization

In these days I'm working on a personal project with DotNetNuke and I can see that sometimes DNN (2.1.2) is slow at startup, expecially if you have lots of modules loaded.I've personally tested that the startup performance can be increased by going to the Site Configuration settings and disable the Logging feature (by setting Logging to "0" in Site Settings or Host Settings)... obviously, this could be done if you don't need a logging feature (and I don't need it).But... are there other way to increase performances on DotNetNuke startup? Ideas?

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Engineer or not Engineer?

Today I was searching on Google some documents for my work and the fortune (??) has given me the chance to see an old document appeared on TheRegister 2 years ago. The title is "Microsoft MCSEs are bogus boffins, say Canadian engineers".After reading it, I've decided to take in evidence again the article because its argument was the source of a discussion on my work team some times ago.In summary, the article says that the professional engineers association in Canada is dismayed that Microsoft Certified System Engineers (MCSEs) are calling themselves "engineers". In Canada (and I think in all over the world) only licensed...

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The first XP SP2 Update

The update process is started... This Update for Windows XP Service Pack 2 (KB884020)  helps resolve an issue on computers running Windows XP Service Pack 2. Programs that connect to IP addresses in the loopback address range may not work as expected and you may receive an error message indicating you cannot establish a connection. Take it!

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News about IIS7

I've just read the post by Fritz Onion about the news on IIS7 (be quit, it will be available only in 2006 or later ).It will be focused about a total integration with the .NET Framework... good news that there will no longer be any difference between specifying IIS security settings and ASP.NET security settings and that all configuration settings in IIS can now be manipulated through the web.config file.In particular, this last feature gives me thinking... will be totally secure this, or a possible danger?

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Someone could say me that I'm having a bad dream? :(

If this story has something true, it's really one of the biggest flaws on a Microsoft product.On Warp2Search has appeared a security alert, that in summary said this: your new Windows XP SP2 save your pc agains trojan horses, hackers, viruses and other intruders but it opens the door for everyone if you share files for your local area network. If you have an internal file sharing for your local LAN activated, your File and Printer sharing function is worldwide visible despite the active firewall functions. I've no words... I can only say that it's really terrible if it's confirmed....

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Problems with Firefox 1.0SR Plugins

Yesterday evening I've tryed to download some plugins for my new release of Firefox (1.0SR), in particular the Macromedia Flash Plugin and the updated skins available (updates from my previous Firefox release).I've never had problems with the automatic update feature of Firefox but yesterday was impossible for me to download any updates. Someone has found the same problem? Maybe a little incompatibility with XP SP2 (that I've installed on my machine)? Curious...

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How to launch a Google search from your Blog

Some days ago I had lots of problems with an HTML form inserted on my blog, simply to have a quick way to do some searches with Google on DotNetJunkies.The problems was caused by the GET method of the form, that on .Text caused the block of all the buttons (feedback and contact)... was impossible to send me feedback and contacts via email.Today I've found a solution... my idea to perform this task is using an <IFRAME> tag for inserting the form on the blog.  The <IFRAME> tag is used to insert an inline frame into the body of an HTML...

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Java Language Conversion Assistant 3.0 (Beta)

A new release for this interesting tool is out today...Java Language Conversion Assistant 3.0 (Beta) adds support for J2EE 1.3 functionality, including JDK 1.3, EJB, JAAS, JCE, JMS, JNDI, and RMI and also adds enhanced support for migrating Swing-based applications (cool! ).

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Oracle and .NET incompatibility

This is a curious fact signalled to me by Andrea Boschin... it's really curious and I'd like to know if someone know something about it.There's an Oracle (version 9 and 10) process called nmupm.exe that, if you've the .NET Framework SDK installed on your machine, hogs the CPU (100%) and never quits. This seems to be caused by an incompatibility between the .NET SDK and Oracle Enterprise Manager. The suggestions given on forums are to uninstalling the .NET SDK (not a good choice).Someone have news about this? Really interesting to know how to solve this...

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Update your Firefox soon...

If you're a Firefox (or Thunderbird) user and you're not sure to update to the last releases (expecially for Firefox, the 1.0SR release number could appear not to be totally stable but it's not true), this fact can you change your ideas:  Secunia (great people ) has a new advisory about some buffer overflow exploits in the Mozilla and Thunderbird code. What is curious is that one of these exploits takes advantage of a unchecked buffer in the bitmap parser, very similar to the recent Microsoft JPEG vulnerability discovered in these days. The good news is that if you have installed one...

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SSL Diagnostic Tool

An interesting Secure Socket Layer (SSL) troubleshooting tool for IIS has been released from Microsoft today: SSL Diagnostics 1.0.This tool helps an IIS administrator configuring and troubleshooting SSL enabled websites. This tool allows users to review configuration information in a easy to read view mode or to run the tool silently with only the creation of a log file. During use, administrators can simulate the SSL handshake to find errors. They can also quickly "hot swap" certificates for testing purposes.There are 2 packages forms: Express and Full. The Express Package will only give the pertinent tools for administrators to use SSL Diagnostics while...

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Linux Explosion is on the air?

All days I read articles, news, opinions, work requests etc. about the IT world, and more I think this could be true: Linux is growing a lot, expecially on the Enterprise Market. Today I've read a news that (in my opinion) could be the real key for a Linux explosion: the Free Standards Group, a non-profit technology group in San Francisco, plans to announce the Linux Standards Base 2.0, or LSB, as a way of ensuring that software programs written for one Linux variant will work with others. The agreement is aimed at preventing Linux from splintering into varying and competing...

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Mozilla Suites out...

The day is coming... has released today 3 wonderful new hits: Firefox 1.0PR, Thunderbird 0.8, and Mozilla Suite 1.7.3.Just tryed to update my previous Firefox 0.9.3 with the new release and all works good. A wonderful feature discovered: you can now subscribe to and read RSS feeds in your Bookmarks. When you visit a page that expose a RSS feed, a RSS icon will appear in the status bar and you can subscribe the feed (this adds a Bookmark Folder that contains all the recent posts from the feed). Great! A little happy news: the new packet is smaller than the...

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Checking Gmail from your Linux Box...

I'm a regular user of Gmail Notifier, the Google application that works on your system tray and alerts you when you have new Gmail messages on your account... for me it's really useful.I was thinking how useful could be an application like this when I'm working with my Linux Box, so I've done a little search around the net (impossible that with the Gmail diffusion, someone on the Linux world doesn't think to this...) and I've found KCheckGmail, a KDE system tray application which notifies you of new email messages in a Gmail account.Really cool!

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Problems with the Blog??

Today I've discovered a problem on my Blog here on DotNetJunkies... I can't reply to post... the Submit Button on feedback section doesn't work. Why? Someone could help me by trying to write a feedback to this post? I want to know if you can do it... UPDATE: Problem solved... the cause of the problem was my Google form for searching... the GET method blocks my Feedback button.

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Exploring Windows XP SP2

Microsoft has thousand of pages about Windows XP SP2 and I think it's really difficult to read all of them and understand well all the SP2 features.So, to help the process of well understanding the new XP SP2 features and benefits, I want to publish the great work of Mark Minasi: XP Service Pack 2 Highlights, Tips and Tricks, a great and detailed presentation of all the "Big Pack".I recommend to read it... it's the best presentation I've read about the new XP SP2 (also a PDF is available HERE).A little interesting tip to remember:USB Key drive some security folks crazy because they're so...

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Skype joins the Mobile world...

This morning I arrived on my office, turn up my PC and the first news I've read is this: Skype has released the first version of its software for Pocket PC platform.Really wonderful... the power of Skype now is also on a mobile device. I was out from the Pocket PC world, but maybe now is arrived the time to buy one of these "toys"?

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Trying Monoppix...

This evening I've decided to try Monoppix (a little test, I had not too much time for a complete test ).For the test I've decided not to start with a boot from the Monoppix CD (recommended!!!), but using Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 (I was curious to try Knoppix under it).The boot was a success... Obviously, Virtual PC has lots of limitations and in this case the biggest limitation is that the Virtual PC emulated video device is only 256 colors, so KDE environment is not so good (but readable).To boot vith Virtual PC, I've decided to directly use the CD as...

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Should I install XP SP2?

With the XP SP2 availability on Windows Update, I think that many people are still unsure of whether they should download and install SP2 or not. Will I gain something or will I loose something?I think that what you could gain with XP SP2 are 2 things:more security: the new Windows Firewall is not so good as I could expect from this product (there are too many better firewall out on the market and the new Firewall lacks in many feature) but is better than the native XP Firewall (if you consider it a real "firewall" ). The Popup...

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A Girl's Guide to Geek Guys

A little bit of fun... A Girl's Guide to Geek Guys... will be really the truth? Amazing... :d

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Longhorn Transformation Pack

Great software just discovered (thanks to Bink):  Longhorn Transformation Pack 7.This software will transform your Windows XP (and SP2) or Windows Server 2003 into the best looking Longhorn port that is available right now, without any extra software! Really interesting, expecially for the powerful visual styles. I need only a pc to test it... Downloads available from here:Download - Mirror 1 - Big thanks to Bradd from Falcon!!!Download - Mirror 2 - Big thanks to itzjonjon69 from D2ImagingDownload - Mirror 3 - Big thanks to Myriad from WinnovateDownload - Mirror 4 - Big thanks to SoftNews.plDownload - Mirror 5 - TCMagazine...

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Debian GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide

A bookmark expecially for myself, but also for all that could be interested on this...the wonderful Debian GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide by Graham Williams is online for free in HTML form (having a PDF would be great ). It's an interesting book for who is interested to work with a Debian system.To remember for future usage...

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Happy Birthday Google

The giant Google, the number 1 of the search engines, is not so "giant" regarding the age... Today is an important date for Google: it's the 6th Birtday of the search engine. Good luck Google, I hope for you other years of great successes like these first 6 years.

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Agile Messenger 3.0

One of the best application I've installed on my Symbian phone (Nokia 6600) is absolutely Agile Messenger, a wonderful (totally FREE) and well done Instant Messasing application for mobile phones that supports Istant Messaging applications such as ICQ, MSN, Yahoo!, AIM and many others.In these days (but I've discovered it only today from a newsletter) Agile Mobile has released the new 3.0 release of this software, that has new feature such as:A new user interface ICQ, AOL and Yahoo now support alternative port numbers (25,80) Improved support for chinese characters in Nokia Series60 versions Push-to-Talk. You can now send voice messages from your phone...

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Database-driven File Systems is the way to go?

The answer to this topic seems to be YES...The need for a Database-driven file system is emerging in this period and WinFS is the main project on the air (for the Mac world there's Spotlight). With a DB filesystem, you could easily search and index all your files, documents, emails, contacts etc. just like on a normal database, with complex queries etc (for example, you could easily search your filesystem for the most 10 recents documents modified by a certain user).The Linux world obviously has taken this direction too and various project are born in these days.One of the interesting tool for...

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Gmail Blog

If you think to unify the top webmail system of the moment, Gmail, with the emerging web discussion system of these years, the Blogs, what you could obtain?Someone has thinked to this and the result is Gallina, a GMail blog tool created by Jonathan Hernandez.Gallina uses GMail messages (1 Gigabyte of free space) as entries and comments for the blog system, and it's built by using XML/XSLT and Libgmailer (Gmail-lite project) to connect to GMail. Obviously, you post on your Gmail Blog directly from your Gmail account...If you want to try the project (it's free!), you can download it here or simply try the Gallina Demo Blog. Cool!

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XP SP2 recommendation...

If you see the official Microsoft recommendation for the installation of XP Service Pack 2 (What to Know Before Downloading and Installing SP2) you can see what many sites are reporting in these days:"Check your computer for spyware and other unwanted software before installing SP2". Obviously, this is a foundamental recommendation (a security tool must be installed on a previous secure system to work correctly) but recommended to check your system with other products (such as Lavasoft Ad-aware) is not the best way to do for a big company like MS. Why not developed an anti spam tool by itself, that...

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Winzip Flaws

I think that the major part of us are using Winzip as the favourite compression tool. If yes, now it's the time for a "forced" software upgrade.There's a new security alert by Secunia (my favourite source for security flaws) that says that Winzip (all versions from 3.X to 9) has unspecified Multiple Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities. In details there problems are:1) Some unspecified vulnerabilities which can be exploited to cause buffer overflows. Successful exploitation can potentially lead to execution of arbitrary code.2) A problem caused due to insufficient validation of command-line arguments. This can be exploited by using a specially crafted argument...

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Interesting MS downloads

Something interesting downloads to check:Internet Information Services 6.0 Migration Tool:  a command line tool that automates several of the steps needed to move a Web application from IIS 4.0, IIS 5.0 or IIS 6.0 to a clean installation of Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0. The tool transfers configuration data, Web site content, and application settings to a new IIS 6.0 server.Windows Media Player 9 Series and 10 Series Add-in for Microsoft FrontPage:  an add-in that enables new capabilities for FrontPage users, such as: Easily embed the Windows Media Player 9 Series or 10 Series control into FrontPage web pages and SharePoint...

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Why not a Java Live CD distribution?

This is a thing that I've in my mind from a long time... the live Linux CD distributions (such as Knoppix) are really interesting, and in conjunction with development environments (such as the last Monoppix) they are really an enormous success.My question is this: do you know if there are out some Linux Live CD with the Java Development Environment? I think that having the JDK on a Live Linux CD could be really useful...Maybe I could answer myself: a CD like this could not be distributed due to the Sun's terms of redistribution? Or am I wrong? I'd...

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Happy Birthday Internet

Happy Birthday for the 35 years of "The Network"... Ok, to be more accurate, the birthday date is only a convention but we can accept that today are 35 years from the first real network created.The official born of "Internet" came 35 years ago (2nd of September 1969) from the first ARPAnet (Advanced Research Project Agency Network) network, that was only an interconnection between 4 nodes, but other people think that the real born of "Internet" was on the year 1983, when the ARPAnet network was revolutioned with the TCP/IP protocol adoption. However, Internet was (and is) a big phenomenon that has...

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Do you want to try Mono but not install it on a Pc? Do you love the Knoppix Linux distributions and its extreme facility to booting on every machine (I love Knoppix, I'm a Knoppix fan from years now)?Ok... this is the tool for you! Jon Galloway points me to this wonderful tool, exactly the tool I was waiting for (I remember some months ago a big discussion on my blog about this): a Knoppix Linux distribution with all the Mono environment installed: Monoppix.This is now a public preview only intended for testing and feedback prior to the official release,...

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Linux is growing on the Embedded world...

According to a news on LinuxDevices, the latest embedded market research data from Venture Development Corp. shows that Linux is now firmly in first place as the operating system of choice for smart gadgets and embedded systems.Will be really true? Ok, the market research must be always taken carefully, at the moment I don't know if Linux is growing more than Windows CE/Mobile on the embedded devices world, but surely it has all the possibility to be the number 1 OS for the embedded.The open source nature can help this result... the manufacturer can totally customize their OS, adapt it...

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