June 2004 Entries

It's the time... Mono 1.0 out!!

Wow, I was waiting this moment... today is the official date for the Mono 1.0 release.Mono 1.0 consists of: A cross platform ECMA CLI runtime engine. A cross platform IKVM Java runtime engine. C# 1.0 compiler. Development toolchain. Class libraries implementing the .NET 1.1 profile. The Gtk# 1.0 GUI programming toolkit. Mono specific libraries. Third party convenience libraries bundled with the release. GNU Classpath for the CLI. Visual Basic runtime. and don't forget the new MonoDevelop 0.5 (wonderful!).I think the time to install it on my Linux box is coming...

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The Express Mania...

With the Express Family announce at TechEd Europe, Microsoft has attracted the attention of all the developers community (Pro MS and not).This is an important fact on the Microsoft strategy... with these family of products, MS can attract the attention also from little developers that maybe wants to start building application for the MS world but that cannot build their personal MSDN license because it's too expensive (I'm thinking about students, hobbists or people who like programming in general).If this product will be free (like SQL Server Express 2005) or with a sensible low cost (I hope lots about 100$)...

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.NET Framework Version 2.0 Language Pack Beta 1

.NET Framework Language Packs contain translated text, such as error messages, for languages other than English. Installation of a language pack is not required to run .NET Framework applications on a non-English operating system; however, it is recommended. Multiple language packs, each for a different language, can be installed on a single computer. My question is: why don't integrate it with the .NET Framework Redistributable Package? Could be useful...

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New XP Theme...

I was reading some blogs about TechEd Europe when, during my surfing, I've see this news (that has nothing to see with TechEd but it's really interesting)...Accordingly to Winbeta, seems that someone has taken out from Windows XP MCE (Media Centre Edition) 2005 new Royale theme (really cool) and it's now available to install on XP and Windows 2003 machines. I've tryed it with my XP Pro and works really good... I love it! (this is my default theme now) You can download it from here. Recommended to try... I think you'll like it! 

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Visual Studio 2005 new Betas...

Wonderful... the first Beta of Visual Studio 2005 is out and ready to download... In addition, the new Visual Studio 2005 Express Products are also now available to download. The available products are::Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition Visual C# 2005 Express Edition Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition Visual J# 2005 Express Edition Visual Web Developer 2005 Express EditionSQL Server 2005 Express EditionGreat idea this Express Family... it's a lightweight set of tools for developers that must be seriously evaluated. Little note on SQL Server 2005 Express Edition:Support for XCopy style deployment No workload governor Support for databases up to 4Gb in size Support...

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.NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package Beta 1

Yes, it's out today... The Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 beta Redistributable Package is the most recent update to the Microsoft .NET Framework and includes everything you need to run applications developed using the .NET Framework.

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I want it...

Wonderful... New Apple 30" Display (2560x1600 pixel resolution)...Will come the day where could I have one of this?

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Installing Firefox 0.9 for Linux

This is what appears you when you start to install Mozilla Firefox 0.9 under Linux...Maybe the ghost of Windows is on the air? Wonderful!!

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How to run Fedora Core 2 on VMWare

Yesterday I wrote this post on my troubles during the installation of Fedora Core 2 under Virtual PC or VMWare.Today I've retryed the installation under VMWare that failed yesterday for a X-Server loading error... I've checked the error log reported by the X-Server crash and I've see that the problem is caused by the fact that during the installation under VMWare the depth color is set to 16. What you've to do to complete the Fedora Core 2 installation under VMWare is this:at the login prompt after the X-Server crash, login as root use vi (or similar) to edit the...

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Someone wants to kill IE?

Just finished to read quickly this article... the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) talking about the recent IE exploits said something like this:If you want to continue to use the Internet Explorer, we recommend setting the browser's security settings to "high", but that can impair some browsing functions. The best choice is start to consider other browsers that are not affected by the attack, such as Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape and Opera.All against the little, dear IE...

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Virtual PC problems with Fedora Core 2

Today I was starting to install Fedora Core 2 (Final Release) on my Virtual PC and, after the first boot from the ISO CD, the window that I was praying to never see has appeared me:"An internal virtual machine error (13) has occurred." This window appears during the installation process when Anaconda (the fedora installer) attempts to start the X server.Terrible... I was thinking that Fedora was supported by Virtual PC. I've checked on Google to find solutions to this problem, but seems that Fedora Core 2 (Final) can't be installed under Virtual PC.Has anyone find the same problem? On...

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Java Studio Creator: great!

Only a word... wonderful!!! Sun's Java Studio Creator is really a powerful product, maybe the product that every Java Developer was waiting for a long time. It's a complete set of products to develop Java applications in a more quick and productive way.When you start Java Studio Creator, the first think you'll have is "but, it's quite similar to Visual Studio .NET"... yes, the environment is similar to VS.NET, so for a .NET program the usage is not traumatic. In addition, you have the possibility to add skins to the environment, so you can have a complete "clone" of VS.NET for example.The...

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Launch a Google Search from Visual Studio...

Marty Garins has written an interesting and useful macro for performing a Google search from the Visual Studio Environment, by simply press ALT+F1.A great idea... thanks for the tip Marty!

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Last minute changes on XP-SP2

Resumed as follow:Warning boxes will be more user friendly, and the default settings for downloading code are automatically set to deny downloads.When users try to download an attachment, a new text box explains in a more simple way what they need to be aware of. Hitting return will automatically refuse the download (unlike the current default settings).An add-on control has been installed so that applications will not automatically download upgrades or plug-ins (this is to avoid the actual fact that some applications can automatically download an upgrade or plug-in, and hackers can exploit this).The pop-up blocker has been changed to allow varying degrees...

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Unit Testing in Visual Studio 2005

I agree to this petition started by Peter Provost and I want to support it:I want to start a blog petition. I want everyone who agrees with me to blog the following sentence:Unit Testing support should be included with all versions of Visual Studio 2005 and not just with Team System.Please link or TrackBack to this post so I can keep track of how well this works.If you're interested, please do the same... I hope it could be the first success for a Blog petition!

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A Spamming attack...

There's a new type of virus discovered in these days that seems to be more dangerous than what initially seems.The virus uses a novel vector (code in web pages that seems to be an Internet Explorer vulnerability) and when visitors request a web page that includes the malicious graphics, the code automatically downloads itself onto their machines. Once installed, the code unpacks itself, loads a keystroke logger on the PC, forces the machine to contact two IP addresses (located in Russia and in the United States and then downloads some other files to the compromised machine (expecially spamming as the first infections seems to...

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Hotmail will be more "fat"...

The Gmail effect seems to be positive for all users... after the Yahoo mailbox increase in space, also Hotmail will take the same action: the free space will be 250Mb (+ 10Mb attach limit) and with an annual fee around $19.95 you can have 2Gb of storage + 20Mb attach limit, no expiration date and (important) POP3 access.Seems also that MSN Premium subscribers will automatically switched to the new 2Gb service. A great improvement thanks to Gmail...  

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What is this? Delirium?

This news has just appeared under my eyes... if it's true, I think we're on a complete and terrible delirium... I report the news as is... no comment!!Microsoft patents a method to transmit data and power over the human body:Yesterday Microsoft was granted patent 6,754,472 for "Method and apparatus for transmitting power and data using the human body."The human body is used as a conductive medium, e.g., a bus, over which power and/or data is distributed. Power is distributed by coupling a power source to the human body via a first set of electrodes. One or more devise to be powered,...

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First Service Pack for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services Available

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services is the new reporting platform provided by Microsoft and now there's available the first Service Pack for them.Reporting Services SP1 is available to SQL Server 2000 customers free via Web download and includes enhancements that increase functionality, performance and security. Key features of SP1 include support for exporting reports to Excel 97 and 2000, improvements in the PDF rendering extension for pagination and matrix performance, and control over series and data point styles in charts.The first update for a wonderful project...

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POP3 Goes to Gmail...

The Gmail service is still in beta (works good but I can see that the Gmail server is too often down!) and someone has just written tools for managing the Gmail account...During a Google search for POP3 interface with Gmail, I've discovered PGtGM, alias Pop Goes the Gmail, that is a program that sits between the http://gmail.com web server and your email client, converting messages from web format into POP3 format that a program such as Outlook Express or Thunderbird can understand.Nice tool... Now you can read your Gmail messages also with your mail client.

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Blog Migration Tool Project

Some times ago I was writing on this Blog about the necessity to have a tool for migration of blogs based on .Text technology.If you have a .Text blog on host A and you want to migrate it on a new .Text blog on host B, this is a problem...Now someone has received my input and start a good project... Matthieu Nicolescu has start to create a Blog Migration Tool that sounds good, but must be well tested and improved.Here you can find the links for binary and source download: http://blogs.labo-dotnet.com/vlad/files/WinBMT_Binary_0.1.ziphttp://blogs.labo-dotnet.com/vlad/files/WinBMT_Source_0.1.zipIt's only the first input for a project that could...

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MySql Provider for .NET 1.0

From Brian Ritchie's Blog, a segnalation that I want to bookmark for personal usage:If you need the ByteFX MySQL Provider compiled for .NET Framework 1.0, download it here.  I compiled version 0.76 under .NET 1.0 since you can only download this release compiled for 1.1 from the project page. Thanks Bryan!

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Screen Resolution and design...

This is really interesting and a sign of changement: Onestat has reported its analysys about the most used screen resolution used on the web for surfing and the results are these:1.1024 x 76854.02%2.800 x 60024.66%3.1280 x 102414.1%4.1152 x 8644%5.640 x 4800.6%6.1600 x 12000.8%7.1152 x 8700.1%I think we've to start thinking to make project for 1024x768 as standard resolution now (at work the actual standard is 800x600 again). 1024x768 is now the minimun screen resolution for the actual PC, so the time to change the "de facto" standard is coming...

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First Gmail impressions...

Gmail seems working good... after my login problems (caused by a server error) now I can send and receive mail. First impressions:The mail listing is clear and totally personalizable (wonderful the Starred feature... you can mark an important mail as starred by clicking the star near the mail title and you can easy retrieve them (and doing special search only on starred mails).By clicking on an email on the list, you can view the entire mail thread... a good feature to see all the history for a message. The thread is tabbed, so you can switch between every message on the...

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A wonderful beginning...

I've finally received a Gmail invitation!  I'm really curious to try the service but... when I'm attempting to login, this is the result:  Server ErrorServer ErrorGmail is temporarily unavailable. Cross your fingers and try again in a few minutes. We're sorry for the inconvenience.A good beginning!!  Someone has the same problem?

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MS Office Wiki

My friend Pierre Greborio signals on his blog this new Office Wiki, a site dedicated (at least initially) to providing community sponsored documentation for the Primary Interop Assemblies (PIAs) for Office 2003. Interesting!

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Windows Update and Firewalls...

I was reading this question on Slashdot: How To Avoid Viruses At Windows Install Time? The contents of the user question are: "Can a home user install and update Windows without being attacked by a virus or worm? ....  the machine was attacked and rendered unusable before I was able to pull down the first update from Windows Update!"I think it's really a strange thing... I've never have a virus attack during a Windows Update cycle! After the reading of the question, I read the answer thread and... surprise... some people says to do 2 things that I've never done during an update...

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How much do you earn?

Interesting survey from 2004 InfoWorld Compensation Survey: IT salary seems to grow up.My question is... really? Here in Italy I don't think so... what about your country?

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Interesting Security News on XP SP2

I want only to put in evidence a good post of Don Box about the changes made to COM in XPSP2 and Win2K3SP1 to make Windows more secure.Don Box make an interesting and detailed view of all the changed that will be made... really interesting, recommended to read!

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I will be in Milan on the 8th of July, for the "Whidbey: Reloaded" meeting on Microsoft Italia (thanks to Zampatti for the invitation) and... with surprise I see now on Andrea's Blog (UGIDotNet) that for the event will be present not 1, but 2 Microsoft Program Manager of the VB.NET team, Jay Roxe and Sean Draine. Wonderful! Please to meet you boys!

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Win2000 better than Win2003 for Network Management?

I'm not ax expert on large network management, but this article on the Inquirer sounds like an alarm... is it really true?Nick Farrel explains his experience on network management with Win2K3 and his conclusions are terrible: "At the moment, until a service pack is released, I can not recommend win2k3 for anything more than file and DC services. For all else, use win2k". Shocked!!

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Why you should dump Internet Explorer

I've just finished to read this article by Daniel Miessler... he's a Microsoft MCSE and (maybe could sound strange for someone ) he has written an article where he exposed his reasons on why he hates Internet Explorer.In summary, these are the main reasons to abandon IE for Daniel:Due to the combination of ActiveX, scripting, and its integration with the Windows operating system, Internet Explorer is more vulnerable to attack than many other browsers. The designers of Internet Explorer have purposely turned their back on the standards designed to benefit the Internet as a whole. They have done this...

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Again about XP SP2 availability...

I'm really happy to see that someone like Bruce Schneier thinks exactly like me about the Windows XP Service Pack 2 availability.I've written in the past that I think is important that XP SP2 will be available to all XP User, registered or unregistered, because it's not only an improvements on the OS functionality, but expecially an improvements about security. All of us could benefit from a secure environment and Bruce says exactly what I've said some times ago: everyone is safer when we all work together for security improvements. The more unsecure the average computer on the Internet is,...

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Crashing the Linux Kernel

In these days on the Linux Kernel Newsgroup a big alarm comes out: a bug on the Linux kernel allows a simple and little C program crash the kernel (both 2.4.2x and 2.6.x kernels on the x86 and x86_64 architectures), effectively locking the whole system.The little code is this:   /* --------------------   * frstor Local Kernel exploit   * Crashes any kernel from 2.4.18   * to 2.6.7 because frstor in assembler inline offsets in memory by 4.   * Original proof of concept code   * by stian_@_nixia.no.   * Added some stuff by lorenzo_@_gnu.org   * and fixed the fsave line with (*fpubuf).   * --------------------   */ ...

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Java faster than C++ ??

This is the result from an interesting study by Keith Lea.Keith says: "I used G++ (GCC) 3.3.1 20030930 (with glibc 2.3.2-98) for the C++, with the -O2 flag (for both i386 and i686). I compiled the Java code normally with the Sun Java 1.4.2_01 compiler, and ran it with the Sun 1.4.2_01 JVM. I ran the tests on Red Hat Linux 9 / Fedora Test1 with the 2.4.20-20.9 kernel on a T30 laptop. The laptop has a Pentium 4 mobile chip, 512MB of memory, a sort of slow disk." The results I got were that Java is significantly faster than optimized...

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PearPC, a Power PC Emulator

This morning a friend of mine has pointed me on a new release of PearPC, a good Power PC Emulator capable of running most PowerPC operating systems (also under Windows platforms).The new 0.2.0 version addresses one of the main limitation of this software before... The network now also works with Windows as host and now you can switch the screen resolution at runtime.I think I have to re-test it, expecially to try DotGnu under Mac OS! 

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MSDN Visual Studio .NET 2005 Beta 1

Visual Studio 2005 Enterprise Architect Beta 1 (English) will be out on the August 2004 shipment of MSDN Universal... sounds good!

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Interesting things on Windows 2003 SP1

The first Service Pack for Windows Server 2003 promises a lot of interesting features focused on security aspects of the OS.What I find interesting is the new Server Roles technology, that can automatically set up security procedures based on the server use with the usage of templates that define settings for servers. You can easily switch the security settings of your machine for the type of server you want (for example if you want to have a mail server, you can plan a Role that automatically close Port 80, turn off IIS and open STMP port 25).The second great idea is the use...

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Transaction dilemma...

I've a little dilemma that comes out yesterday at work...We're building an enterprise application that extensively use a database (SQL Server), and some actions on the database are performed with the use of transactions.To perform an action on the database we always use stored procedure and the question that comes in my mind yesterday was this: to perform a transaction, what is better? Using a stored procedure that performs the actions on the database in a transaction (something like this):begin tran T-- Action 1-- Action 2-- Action 3commit tran Tor starting the transaction via my code (something like this):Dim Transaction As...

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Visual Basic .NET Power Pack

The great idea that comes from the mind of Robert Green is now reaady... on his blog he has announced the availability of his Visual Basic .NET Power Pack.What is it? It's a VB team community project and consists of seven custom controls written in Visual Basic .NET 2003. The controls provide enhanced user interface elements and enable you to create more interesting and more colorful client based applications. The Power Pack controls are:BlendPanel: provides a gradiant fill background you can use on forms. Set the start color, the end color and the direction for the gradiant. Notification Window: provides a way...

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Smart Client Complete Sample

An interesting idea that comes from Microsoft: We Rock 247.NET, a complete Smart Client Example.This project contains material on developing Smart Clients with .NET technologies and is based around a virtual rock group. We Rock 247 .NET takes you through building an enterprise application using Windows Forms, Smart Documents, Smart Tags, Smart Devices (.NET Compact Framework) technologies and much more. I think it's really a great idea to post complete applications with source to the community... a better way to understand the architecture of an enterprise technology!

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The curious stop of the biggest Italian Portal

Yesterday Libero, the biggest Italian Portal, was down all the day... in my office lots of people was crying for the impossibility to read their mail. Today the Libero Staff (Wind) has announced the reason of this stop of their services. Portal redesign? Works on their infrastructure? Virus? Nooo... nothing of them!The real reason is an other: someone has tryed to steal some copper cables in Milan and during this action they have cut off a fiber cable of Wind, stopping all their services (ADSL and Dialup connection down in all the north of Italy). Ridiculous, but a big problem...

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XP Reloaded... what do you think?

Seems that, contrary to all the previsions, XP Reloaded could not be a success... most people will not be interested on it, the will remain with their XP or they will pass to another OS (such as Win2003).And you? What do you think? Are you interested on XP Reloaded? Personally, not too much...

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Deploying Windows Server 2003 Internet Authentication Service (IAS) with Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs)

An other good MS Whitepaper: Deploying Windows Server 2003 Internet Authentication Service (IAS) with Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs). It describes how to configure remote access policy in Internet Authentication Service (IAS) for use with virtual local area networks (VLANs).

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Microsoft J2EE & .NET Interoperability Toolkit

The toolkit that I was waiting for...  Microsoft J2EE & .NET Interoperability Toolkit.Microsoft J2EE & .NET Interoperability Toolkit includes an eBook with introduction to Interoperability Technologies and sample codes.Sounds interesting!

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Rearchitect Your Web Applications for Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0

An other great article by Dino Esposito about an argument that is "hot" now: Rearchitect Your Web Applications for Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0.While ASP.NET 2.0 is completely backwards compatible with ASP.NET 1.1, its new features may require you to revise parts of your Web applications. This article provides a detailed analysis of how changes in ASP.NET 2.0 will influence your porting decisions.Great (as usual)

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Windows CE .NET 4.1 .NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP2 Update

The Windows CE .NET 4.1 .NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP2 Update is a downloadable file that will update the .NET Compact Framework 1.0 module of your existing Microsoft Windows CE .NET 4.1 Platform Builder installation to the 1.0 SP2 version of the .NET Compact Framework.

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The ridiculous notice of the day...

Just read on an italian magazine: Symbian Phones are a damage for mobile operators!! Accordingly to a research by a company called Mako Analysis, seems that the extreme facility of personalization of Symbian phones (and I want ask them "also Pocket Pc and Smartphone with Windows Mobile???") is a damage for the mobile operators profits, expecialy for the value-add services of these company (you can easily add logos, sounds, programs that you like without the payment of similar services to the companies).Obviously... this is the power of smartphones... maybe someone is thinking like that to stop smartphone's market? Ridiculous! If phone...

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New Look for Firefox

Seems that the new 0.9 version of Mozilla Firefox will have a new default theme and it will also feature a new improved theme and extension management, which will make it easy to make Firefox look the way you want it to. Great! I hope only that the new default theme will be great at least like the actual Qute theme. I love skinnable browsers!! 

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Visual MainWin® for the J2EETM platform

My eyes has just see this news: Mainsoft has created Visual MainWin® for the J2EETM platform, that integrates with (and requires) Microsoft Visual Studio.Net, and allows developers using Visual Basic .NET or C#, as well as ASP.NET and ADO.NET class libraries, to create, deploy, and debug applications on J2EE application servers, including IBM WebSphere 5.1, BEA WebLogic 8.1 and Tomcat 5.0. Java classes and components, such as Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) can be imported into Visual Studio and used in applications written in Visual Basic .Net or C#. Visual MainWin is a complete development solution for J2EE that includes A development...

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Java Resource Center Opened...

I'm really happy to see that the new Java Resource Center on MSDN is opened... This developer center provides a collection of resources for Java developers interested in interoperability, migration, and development with the .NET Framework.I like this MS interest for the Java community (and I don't know if it's really true that the 56% of enterprises are using .NET and 44% Java as their primary development... for the Enterprise systems Java is really widespread!).

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Is Caps Lock Dead?

An interesting question that comes from an anonymous posters on Slashdot: "Recently I have noticed that I haven't used caps lock other for any purpose other than hitting it by accident. Once upon a time, COBOL was written in all caps, and other languages like BASIC and Fortran were not case sensitive. Capitals were the way to go for writing code. Does the caps lock key serve any purpose any more, and if not, should it be removed, moved, or replaced?" Wha do you think? Are you using often the Caps Lock Key? Personally, I use the Caps Lock Key...

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Discussions from Webbit

Yesterday at Webbit our discussions was totally concerned about Enterprise Architecture.The model that comes out from these discussions is described below:An Enterprise application can be divided into Layers and Tiers. User Tier is responsible for all the user interactions (input, validation etc.); Workspace Tier is responsible to maintan the user session and manipulate the user data associated to it (it's the server front-end). The Business Tier is the application core, where the business logic resides. The granularity of the Business Logic implementation has direct conseguence to the application scalability and reusability. The Resource Tier has the necessary logic for managing...

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Webbit: the return.

I'm just come back from Webbit in Milan...A good day where to improve my knowledgements on various fields, in my case expecially on J2EE, but now I'm too tired to post opinions after this day. However, only a little negative point for the direction of the meeting: strictly 1 hour for argument is not always enough and running is not a good way to learn.

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An idea: Knoppix Linux "Live CD" with Mono

I want to keep up the great idea that comes from John Galloway: why not building a Knoppix Linux "Live CD" with Mono?I think it could be a great idea, expecially for programmers who wants to try the power of Mono but don't want to install and configure a complete Linux system.What I want in a Linux / Mono Live CD? Personally, I'd like to have a cd like the actual Knoppix version (with KDE and all the programming tools) and maybe I'll eliminate the StarOffice suite for a webserver like Apache up and running and a database (maybe MySql?)....

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Tomorrow at Webbit

Tomorrow here in Italy (precisely in Milan) starts the Webbit, 2 days of congresses focused on various area regarding Information Technology, such as:Business IntelligenceManufacturingHealthCommunication & MktLawE-LearningSecurity & NetworkingProg & DevOpen SourceComputer Graphics  My presence there will be focused on the Java Platform (J2EE) and I hope to do a comparison between this world and the Microsoft .NET Framework world. In this edition of Webbit in Milan all the .NET world is out of the congress, and I'm terrible disappointed about it. However, I hope that this Webbit could be a good moment for interaction and exchangement of ideas about .NET and...

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Gmail supplicants

Today I was ready the big list of Gmail supplicants on GmailSwap, a site that collect the requests of people that want an account for the new future Google mail service.This list is from one side really comic and ridiculous (people that offers a travel to Venice, or a weekend in a city, or tickets for events or something similar for an account), but from the other side is terrible, because there's a lot of speculation about these Gmail accounts and I think that it's a speculation that must be stopped.However, I think that only a stupid man could pay...

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TechEd Lab Manuals downloads

Really thanks to Barry Gervin for these Lab Manuals from TechEd. They're downloadable with no need to have a TechEd password.Great! Business Productivity Solutions (Office) Data Management (SQL Server) Developer Tools and Technologies E-Business Management Messaging Microsoft Business Systems Mobility Security Terrarium Windows

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Longhorn 4074 Bug

Thanks to the FlexBeta staff for this segnalation:Build 4074 of Windows Codename "Longhorn" has a bug which prevents new folders from being created via Windows Explorer. Until now the only known workaround was to create new folders via alternate means (such as copying and renaming existing folders, or using the command line). A new fix has now been created which fully restores the new folder feature in both the context menu and explorer toolbar.

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DotGNU Portable.NET 0.6.6 released!

I don't know if thereìs someone interested on this project, but a new version for DotGNU Portable.NET (0.6.6) has been released.This new release has many improvements in lots of areas, including in particular threading, Winforms, System.Xml, ml-pnet, DCOP and serialization. The full release announcement is here and these are some screenshots: Portable Studio IDE,MyXaml,Photo Tool (wx.NET),KDE DCOP Support,MDI and FileDialogs,Gtk-Sharp,Svg Rendering,XHTML Rendering.-->Portable Studio IDE, MyXaml, Photo Tool (wx.NET), KDE DCOP Support, MDI and FileDialogs, Gtk-Sharp, Svg Rendering, XHTML Rendering .

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