February 2004 Entries

Virtual PC 2004 Performance

Virtual PC 2004 is a powerful software virtualization solution that allows you to run multiple PC-based operating systems simultaneously on one workstation. On Flexbeta today there's a good article that talks about a great test of this software (with PassMark Benchmark) and compares it with VMWare. The result? This (the bigger the number, the faster the computer):

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Caller ID for Email?

On the last Bill Gates Outlines Technology Vision to Help Stop Spam, he announced a detailed vision and proposals on how technology can be used to help put an end to spam and in particular he talks about Caller ID for E-Mail. A little resume from MS:These Microsoft draft specification addresses the widespread problem of domain spoofing. Domain spoofing refers specifically to the use of someone else's domain name when sending a message, and is part of the larger spoofing problem, the practice of forging the sender's address on e-mail messages. Caller ID for e-mail would verify that each e-mail message...

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Mozilla Browser on Pocket PC

There's a project about porting the Mozilla Browser on Pocket PC. This project is called Minimo v0.1 and it's the "first" public preview release of a small device browser (Based on the 1.7a Mozilla codebase).The Browser War i started also on Pocket PC?

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Scoble is releasing an interesting wervice called "FeedBurner", that helps you building different kinds of RSS/Atom feeds from your original feed. This service is now only on Alpha version, but it seems to work quite good... try it!

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Emulating RISC OS under Windows

One of the most interesting feature that PC hardware offers is its ability to emulate a wide range of other platforms (personally I use VMWare, but I'd like to test MS Virtual PC soon).Today I've read an interesting article written by Mark Round about other OS emulations with PC... he used Red Squirrel emulator to emulate RISC OS under Windows! Amazing!This is the article written by Mark that explains all what you've to do: Emulating RISC OS under Windows.Cool!

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Non-Rectangular Forms with .NET

Really interesting... I was thinking how to design non rectangular forms with .NET and I've found an answer on David Cumps Blog...In an interesting post, How To Make Non-Rectangular Forms, David explains how to write forms with different shapes, using the Region property...Cool!

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Searching for .NET Portal Content Manager

I'm searching for a free ASP.NET Portal Content Manager, for example like DotNetNuke, but with Microsoft Access Database (.mdb) support. I've read that DotNetNuke will have support for Access Database with the Beta 2. I'm waiting for it but at the moment I can't found other free Portal with .mdb database support and i need it.Do you know something available on the net? If someone know some solutions, please tell me an advice! Thanks.

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MSN Messenger and Hotmail on Cellphones

Yes, it will be true, just read on Openwave site:Microsoft has struck a deal with mobile phone software development company Openwave that will see versions of Hotmail and Messenger available to mobile users running the Openwave software suite. Openwave plans to incorporate the new services into its Phone Suite V7, an all-in-one phone browser interface.Sounds good! :)

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Just read on  Frank Prengel Blog...New Visual Studio Whidbey will support multi-language projects (not just solutions, as in v. 2002/2003). That means that you can mix & match C++, C#, VB, etc. in one project, and compile that into one assembly. Really amazing... this will be a revolution and one of the thing i was dreaming! :)

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Templated Custom ASP.NET Server Controls

An interesting new article on MSDN: Building Templated Custom ASP.NET Server Controls. This article shows how to build custom server controls that utilize templates. Templates allow for customization of a Web control's rendered output by providing a means for a page developer to specify HTML elements, Web controls, and databound statements.Check it! 

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Importing Hierarchical XML into SQL Server 2000

I want to signal an interesting post on Tim Walters blog: Hierarchical XML - importing into SQL Server 2000.Tim show us how to import infinite-depth XML trees into a parent/child table in SQL Server 2000. It uses table variables and OPENXML to do most of the tricks, along with an interesting WHILE loop.Interesting!

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Microsoft Windows Media Player for Linux?

Just see that on ActiveWin:On page 19 of Microsoft's PDF Response to Real's Allegations: "141. Microsoft denies the allegations of Paragraph 141, except (a) admits that (i) there is a software development kit for Windows Media technologies and (ii) Microsoft has developed standalone applications called “Windows Media Player” for use with the Apple Macintosh and Linux operating systems; and (b) avers that those standalone applications are comprised of different software code and provide different functionality to software developers and end users than the media playback functionality in Microsoft’s Windows operating systems. " Proof is in the pudding.Is it true?

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Google Humour :)

Have you ever see what you find when you go to Google, type in "french military victories" and click the "I'm feeling lucky" button? This is the result:

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Application Configuration Settings with .NET

One of the best articles I've see in these days is written by Rick Strahl and talks about Building a better .NET Application Configuration Settings Class.Configuration settings are an important part to any non-trivial application. They make it possible for users of the application to configure it both before the application is run for the first time and even while the Application is running. .NET provides a good rudimentary mechanism of storing and retrieving configuration settings in the application’s .config file with the ConfigurationSettings class, but this mechanism is missing a number of essential features. In this article Rick describes how...

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UML Tools for Visio

A really useful tool for Visio is ready to download... UML stencil and template. Features (from the site):The stencil supports all symbols of UML 1.5, specified in the OMG document formal/03-03-01, as well as previous UML versions 1.4, 1.3 and 1.1. The stencil also contains several symbols of the newly adopted UML 2.0, particularly, the Socket and new Pseudostate symbols, and additional symbols not specified by the standard, but used by many UML users.  The solution contains the template and two stencils: the stencil with UML symbols and relationships, and the stencil with UML stereotypes.The stencil UML-AllSymbols for Visio 2000 contains...

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Leak in .NET ContextMenu

Interesting post on Paul Wilson Blog (one of my favourite Blog) about a possible new .NET Framework leak. It seems that every time a MenuItem is added to a ContextMenu in .NET WinForms, it adds a reference to the MenuItem in an internal static hashtable.  This may not be “wrong” if you only setup your context menu one time, but if you do things dynamically it means that all the old context menuitems are still technically reachable... Check Paul Blog for more info...

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Windows Rights Management Add-on for IE out.

Just checked from MS:The Windows Rights Management Add-on for Internet Explorer is a tool that provides a way for users of supported Windows operating systems to view, but not alter, files with restricted permission. These restrictions enable authors to prevent sensitive documents, Web-based information, and e-mail messages from being forwarded, edited, or copied by unauthorized individuals, and provide protection, not only while the information is in transit, but also after the recipient of the information has received it. Note: In order for you to successfully run the Rights Management Add-on for Internet Explorer (RMA) pleaseyou have to first install the Windows...

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MSDE 2000 Deployment Toolkit

Yes, I was waiting for it and now it seems to be ready... I'm talking about the MSDE 2000 Deployment Toolkit (release candidate), a plug-in to Microsoft Visual Studio that automates the process of creating an integrated package with both the application and the MSDE database. Really cool for building setup packages...

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