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Exposing Windows Workflow as an XML Web Service: what about persistence?

In these days I was involved on the migration of lots of my services under the new .NET 3.5 platform (WCF and WF). Today I've tryed to expose a Windows Workflow as an XML Web Service and now I've a dilemma... :) OK... let's go from the beginning... With Windows Workflow is quite simple to expose a WF as an XML Web Service. Start Visual Studio 2008, New Project and choose Sequential Workflow Library: Then, exactly like WCF, you need to define an interface that will act as the interface to the workflow (I've used VB.NET in my project): Interface IWS         Function MyMethod(ByVal Input...

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WCF or XML Web Service?

In the past we've made lots of services that permits the interoperability between different applications and different clients, and all of them was based on .NET XML Web Services. Now that Windows Communication Foundation is out, I'm involved on a migration of some of these services to this new platform and I'm observing that there's not always a clear idea on what WCF is and what this platform can do. The classic questions I receive are mainly two: if you move your service to WCF, will my application be able to communicate with the service as before? ...

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Windows Mobile Line of Business Solution Accelerator 2008

I love when Microsoft releases samples of complete applications that works with the latest technologies: they are really an important way to understand the architectural concepts and an unvaluable guide for developers. The latest release is the Windows Mobile Line of Business Solution Accelerator, a Smart Client built using .NET and SQL Server Compact edition that shows an interesting use of .NET Compact Framework, LINQ, Dynamic SQL, Web Services, WCF, Sync Framework. Absolutely to check... Technorati Tag: .NET,Mobile,LINQ,WCF

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